We develop brands and provide a full range of services from focus groups, to intellectual property issues, graphic design, menus and signage. Because we have developed over 30 restaurants for our own portfolio we understand the need for developing a deep insight of the surrounding trade area. We provide demographic and psychographic analysis of every project as step one.


We have won many awards for restaurant design. We match all elements – location, menu, service style, and operations team - to create an interior and exterior palate that works in harmony. Our architect partner, Craig Schuster, was director of restaurant design for Pappas Restaurant Group for 21 years. As a partner at H3D, Craig brings an intimate knowledge of "what really works" to attract customers. Interior Design Partner, Candice Schiller, also has a portfolio of many successful hospitality ventures. At H3D our sketches and design ideas evolve into final products that not only win awards but also elevate your return on investment.


Our culinary partner, Robert Del Grande , was the first Texan to win the prestigious James Beard Award for the Southwest Region. Not only is Robert a superstar in he kitchen, he holds a PhD in Bio Chemistry. When our culinary team of experts lead by Robert hands off the menu and F&B direction to your group it is ready to be sourced and executed.


As developers and operators we understand the financial metrics that apply to every level of the restaurant business from fast casual to upper-end. Lead by Partner, Lonnie Schiller, we analyze and track food costs, labor costs, occupancy and all other operating costs. We create financial scenarios for your venue based on ratios that produce the most efficient bottom line.


We have the experience to assist with your marketing and PR program so that upon opening your message is loud and clear – not only to your guests but to the surrounding trade area. We understand the range of digital media and its importance and work with regional PR groups and digital media companies.


We work with existing F&B teams and culinary staff, or we can help bring in new talent depending on the concept objectives.


Follow up is frequently required to assure the initial game plan is on track. Or if that plan changes additional consultation is available. We use financial metrics, social media information, and site visits to bolster our strategy and further our clients’ objectives.